Front Porch Sagging!! Advice

Posted by: Porchsag

Front Porch Sagging!! Advice - 04/25/19 11:46 PM

So I have a concrete front porch and it seems like there is a sag or the part closest to the house has a sag in it. Iím not sure how it was built or the problem. Any advice would be appreciated.

Iím attaching pics. You can look at the trim and see the slop or sag.

Iím not actually sure how to add pictures.
Posted by: krsconcrete

Re: Front Porch Sagging!! Advice - 05/15/19 05:30 PM

Without pictures its hard to get an idea of what your options are. The best idea may be just to call up two or three contractors that are local to you and have them give you an idea what they would do. At least this way you would have a few different ideas as to your options and ultimately be able to research further if needed.

Best of luck!