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#94 - 05/11/01 07:19 PM Does salt damage concrete

Does pouring salt on concrete steps and
sidewalks during the winter to melt ice
damage them?

If so, is there another ice melter that is
less damaging?

Or, should the concrete be sealed in some
way? (Some way that does not tend to make
it slick when wet would be needed.)

#95 - 05/17/01 12:23 PM Re: Does salt damage concrete
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The chlorides in salt is what creates the problem. There are non-chloride deicers available. Sealing your existing concrete will help keep undesirable materials out of the concrete. Moisture migrating into concrete is the cause of almost all concrete problems. A well designed mix with air entrainment will help combat these problems. Properly placing, curing and sealing the concrete will allow it to withstand most normal weather conditions.
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