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#8569 - 06/08/05 06:43 PM "Sanded" finish
DinoSD Offline
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Registered: 06/08/05
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Loc: San Diego
I'm getting ready to do a concrete patio. I am interested in resources of info regarding various finishes...besides "smooth", broomed, stemped and stained.

Specifically, I am after a look that has basically a smooth finish, but with a "sand" like texture and occasional "sparkles". The surface is sawcut into squares. The overall effect is like large sandstone pavers. Is the sand "seeded" similar to the way aggregate seeding is done?

#8570 - 06/17/05 11:48 AM Re: "Sanded" finish
MonteCristo Offline

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Aggregate is completly different and added at the concrete plant. To get the sand finish use a sealer with sand aggregate. A broom finish should have some tecture and is not "smooth".

John Davenport
Monte Cristo Corporation

#8571 - 06/25/05 03:09 PM Re: "Sanded" finish
Rojellio Offline

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Loc: Grand Junction Colorado
There are two ways you might get such a finish.

The way I know works is something like this.. I made a capstone / garden bench sized piece, and used a lot of silica sand (industrial quartz) in the mix. I demolded it a bit earlier than I should have. Either because of that, or the sandy mix it was sandy like. Another experiment on my list was to grind it down a bit to expose the aggregates.. which I also did too early. To hide the grinder marks, I worked it over with a wire brush. You might try troweling some quartz sand into the surface, then working it over with a wire brush before it is fully hardened (like the next day) I think they make wire brushes that will fit ona mop/broom handle.

An easier way might be to put a 1/8th or so layer of sand over the patio after it has been troweled (troweling some of the sand into the surface might be good also) , then press it into the surface (possibly with a large trowel). The surface should pick up the detail, and some of the sand. The sparklies should imbed themselves nicely.. Again I would prefer the quartz sand,.($7 per 100pounds isnt too bad price wise) it also has a sheen/sparkle too it. After the patio has cured a day or so, just sweep off the sand. OR possibly crushed glass sand substitute if you can find it ($.17 per pound from American Specialty Glass in Salt LAke Utah.. $1.30 per pound for colored glass sand) With the glass, you would definitly want to trowel it into the surface.

#8572 - 07/03/05 12:52 PM Re: "Sanded" finish
Frank C Offline
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We're doing a project now that we muriatic acid profile the surface with a (50/50) solution within 7 days of our 3500 psi pour. Push 1/4"+ aggregate down with a screened frame or roller while soft if you don't wish to occasionally expose them during the profile process. Add whatever light reflective aggregate to surface paste you desire and trowel to get sparkle or add light reflective material into clear sealer.