Any of you interested in the researching the concrete overlay industy, check out

You can restore pitted concrete, (new construction) damaged by road salts, deicers, and kids with a broom finish texture for 1/3 of the cost to tear out and repour.

How about the stamp concrete contractors who have tried thin stamped in the past and found it to be unreliable. Not so, at ever training I will tell everyone that if they are having a problem or struggling placing overlays, the chances are they are doing something wrong. Our systems are very freindly to work with and most of all, consistant.

Check it out on your own and see what you think? There is a message board that our contractors exchange information. Feel free to join in and ask any thing you like,

This is a rapidly growing industry, so you should at least take a look see.

Thanks for your attention, and no more shameless promotions. Thanks again.

Donnie Ivers
Donnie Ivers