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#8126 - 06/01/01 02:05 PM Help with Cement Tombstones Please
Dana Clarke Offline
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Registered: 06/01/01
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Loc: South Carolina
I wish to make several tombstones for a photographic project and have decided to make them out of cement/concrete for a variety of reasons. I hope someone can help with some basic questions to get me started.
1. For a tombstone 1'x2'x4" do I need to use a concrete mix or would plain cement or a cement & sand mix do just as well? The tombstone needs only enough strength to be handled without breaking.

2. How long must I cure it (assuming I cover it with a plastic bag and include water in the bag) before allowing it to dry?

3. After curing, how will I know when it is dry enough to faux paint the surface?

Thank you in advance for your help.

#8127 - 06/01/01 09:02 PM Re: Help with Cement Tombstones Please
ken Offline


Registered: 04/12/01
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Loc: Austin, Texas
You would be much better off using a bag of premixed concrete as opposed to straight cement or mortar. Seven days of wet cure would be adequate under normal weather conditions. The paint used to write on the headstone will be the determining factor in how dry the concrete should be. I would think a day's air drying should be enough to allow the paint to stick well enough to take pictures.
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