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#8123 - 06/05/01 09:26 PM How to make light-weight concrete?
Joe Offline

Registered: 05/31/01
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I've heard about using lighter agregate mixes, but not much in the way of details.

Is there a satisfactory (and lighter) replacement for stone/gravel for non-load-bearing concrete (say, for use in above-ground sound walls) ???

#8124 - 06/06/01 12:11 AM Re: How to make light-weight concrete?

Check out the sack cement or cement supplier under and there is a logo that says TXI click on that. They make a light weight product and may have some litterature on the process. We use it in Our Readymix operation.
Good luck

#8125 - 06/07/01 04:33 PM Re: How to make light-weight concrete?
ken Offline


Registered: 04/12/01
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There are also products that entrain massive amounts of air that will lighten the unit weight of the concrete in non-structural environments. This will also help with sound dampening. I don't know what size project(s) you are talking about, but your local ready mix concrete supplier should be able to help you with this. If not, I would talk to the people at WR Grace since this is one of their specialties: Grace Construction Products
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