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#8060 - 07/12/01 05:11 PM Fading Color and Crumbling Effect

I paid extra to have my concrete patio colored red and to have it scored. It's been less than a year and the color is fading fast back to the grey color, as well as there are many lines and markings appearing. I make it a point not to drag anything across the patio to avoid scratches, as well as used a plastic shovel in the winter. Why would the color be fading so soon and what's with the markings? Also, the concrete itself is starting to crumble in a sense around the edges leaving tiny holes. Why is this also happening. My developer's concrete guys will be coming out shortly to discuss these issues, but I want to be educated on these subjects before they discuss anything with me. Please offer whatever advice or suggestions you have. Thank you!

#8061 - 07/14/01 08:38 PM Re: Fading Color and Crumbling Effect
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There are several situations that could have led to your problem. Unless your concrete was sealed after it was colored, maintaining the original color would be tough. Another thing is unless you have integral color, as opposed to dyes that were broadcast and floated into the concrete, there may be some fading too. If it was stained, there may be another application to ensure all voids are filled with the pigment. You really need to seal the concrete with a clear seal though.
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