I have these concrete squares on a side section of my property. Each square is 6 inches thick. Previous owners kept an RV on it. Without tearing it up I would like to make as flat of a surface I can for a basketball court. Basically want to make a rectangle utilizing existing and add on. I know I can drill rebar into existing...form...use wire to create a rectangle. Problem is the gaps between the existing squares. The are almost 1/2". How can I fill these in? Its going to be pressure washed and painted at the end. Have a couple quotes for total removal for a 24 X 24 new pad lowest being in the 3K range and another for 2K and I remove existing. Just thinking if I can do it myself (have two HS boys to help) and utilize whats already there.. I could achieve my objective and save some money. Any advice is appreciated. I can send pictures.