I have a concrete slab house that I am building and the slab wont stop sweating. It is sweating like crazy. Im building another house 2 blocks away that does not sweat at all. My question is this: Is there something that may have been added in the mix that would make it prone to sweat? It was a 5 load pour and where the first 2 loads were domped and placed there is no sweating. This work was done in north central Florida in the first week of November of this year. Not extremely hot and not cold weather. No plumbing leaks, no underground water sources as I am 80 plus feet above sea level.There was a plastic vapor barrier placed under concrete. The house has been insulated for 3 days. All windows and exterior doors are installed. I have 2 large dehumidifiers running full time which seem to have stopped the accumulating of water but I bet the minute I unplug them it will start again. The attached garage which is still exposed to the open air is drenched. Anybody have any ideas?