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#162795 - 10/23/17 04:43 PM Beginner with a question
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First time working with concrete and it's gonna be DIY with no help. I am going to pour a 5'x6'x4" slab. I have the form prepared and now I need the concrete. Here's my question. I was going to buy the concrete and mix it myself (roughly 20 bags or so). I can probably mix and pour about 3 bags at a time, so it might take me quite a while to get all of it mixed and poured. Will this be an issue when it comes to smoothing/leveling the concrete? Will the first few bags be somewhat dry and hard to adjust by time I get the last bags poured? Should I be smoothing and leveling the concrete as I go? Like after every few bags? Or just pour it all in over the course of an hour or however long it takes and then smooth it from there? Thanks for any helpful opinions!

#162810 - 11/11/17 07:47 AM QuickBooks Help [Re: Gil88]
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