I'm having a poured concrete patio installed along with a deck built and I'm having trouble finding a solution for how to do the footings! The deck will be over the poured concrete patio so I can't find a way to attach the deck to footings unless I integrate them into the patio or re-design. I'm in MN so the frost line is the big deal with the footings.

Here are the ideas I had:
1. Integrate some footings into the patio if possible and attach deck supports to patio directly. This would prevent the patio from moving around, so I'm not sure this is an option in my area.
2. Pour footings separately for deck and then pour patio around the footings with a little gap for expansion. This might work, but would have to be careful to ensure the patio shrinking wouldn't crack and freeze/thaw cycles might crack it anyway.
3. Thicker patio to support load?
4. Re-design so I can do deck supports outside of the patio.

I'm just a guy trying to plan up a (partially) DIY project, can anyone help me out with some advice?