Hello my name is Chris,
I am a graduate student at UNC-Wilmington and came across your site during my research. I am currently doing a research paper for my Building Chemistry Course on Dry Mortars in North America. However, Iíve been having trouble gathering information on Type-K Cement. I have found a couple little articles of information. I know CTS is a top manufacturer and Type-K is used in many Bridge Deck and Parking Garage Projects, and can also be used as a substitute for Portland Cement. I even gained access to some Construction Dodge Reports and could not find anything on Type-K in any current Projects.
I was just curious if you could help me gather anymore info on Type-K and its impact on the current market. Have you, or do you know any contractors that have worked with Type-K before? What is the average price per ton of Type-K? What other project types is it used for in construction? Has Type-K sustained any growth over the years in the cement market? I know this email is out of the ordinary, but any information you are willing to give on Type-K Cement would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.