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#11967 - 11/12/07 09:09 PM Starting a concrete biz in KC!
bigdad Offline
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Ok me and a buddy would like to get into the concrete business. My dad has worked in the concrete biz for over 20 years and we have help of a personal contact that is a local concrete man that says he can get us work. We would like to start with one volumetric mixer that we would both run for a little bit until we got established then we would buy another. We are both 20 years old.

Our problem is that we have never worked with these trucks and we have ZERO credit. Is there anyone that can help us and give us some advice. We have the drive and are ready to work around the clock!


#11973 - 11/13/07 08:35 PM Re: Starting a concrete biz in KC! [Re: bigdad]
CR2 Offline

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First, you have to work on your credit, and being so young is going to make it harder,but no impossible;second you have to get a job with a company that provide the services you want to offer, this will give you the opportunity to learn and familiarize with the equipment/procedures and get a feel of the market and how it works(marketing,prices,forms of payment and waiting time....);third, do not rely on any individual to give you work,that condition could change in a second;rely only on your experience, quality and service,that's what is going to get you work, not somebody to do you a favor(that doesn't exist on business).
Last thing, first you have to crawl,then you walk and only then you'll be able to run; you cannot skip time, it will have to go by before you grow big.
It's not common in the construction industry seing young people willing to work hard and become self employers,and we encourage you!
Good Luck!

#11974 - 11/14/07 07:33 AM Re: Starting a concrete biz in KC! [Re: CR2]
Rojellio Offline

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A couple other pieces of equipment you may be looking at :

Skid loader/ Bobcat with bucket and fork attachments. For refilling the volumetric mixer. AND for unloading pallets of Portland cement and various other deliveries.

A dump truck might come in handy too, if you plan on pouring more than 10 yards at the same site. Of course, you could have aggregate delivered to the site and waiting for you.

Flatbed trailer, to haul the bobcat around.. to refill the mix truck with aggregate and Portland.

One very important supply is a pile of aggregate to call your own. The dump truck might also come in handy, to save on delivery charges. (there might be enough dump truck & Bobcat work work to keep one person employed full time) And just so you know.... What do most gravel mines have sitting right next to the pile of aggregate?? A batch plant!! This is a very important thing for you to keep in mind, because the place you are buying agg from is likely a competitor.

#15062 - 10/12/13 02:28 AM Re: Starting a concrete biz in KC! [Re: Rojellio]
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