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#8062 - 05/21/01 02:23 PM Colouring concrete
Geoff & Lynda Lowe Offline
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Registered: 05/21/01
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Loc: Trenton, Ontario, Canada.
I mix and pour my own concete using ordinary Portland cement, aggregate and water. I'm interested in colouring my mixes. Locally I have not been able to find concrete colouring agent. Are there any secret recipes out there that someone can recommend ?

#8063 - 06/07/01 05:10 PM Re: Colouring concrete
ken Offline


Registered: 04/12/01
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Loc: Austin, Texas
People who have concocted useful ways of coloring concrete like to sell their product or methods, so getting someone to divulge a secret like that might be a little tough. Concrete dyes and stains are pigments that use various methods to convey them into the concrete. The best thing to do is do some sample panels with different types of coloring.
Concrete is good.

#8064 - 06/28/04 10:07 PM Re: Colouring concrete
concreetin Offline
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Loc: Jacksonville
I do planters and other small projects and I've experimented with adding acrylic tube paint. Windsor & Newton, Galleria brand. Mix up a small amount to test first because not all work that well - thickening, etc. Here's a sample from a recent project. I actually used a dark blue and it came out greenish blue. It kindof looks like suede!

#8065 - 09/24/04 02:40 AM Re: Colouring concrete
BRfromPA Offline

Registered: 05/23/02
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Loc: Emmaus Pennsylvania
The most common pigment is Iron Oxide. Iron oxides are kind of dull, you can have any color you want as long as it's black, yellow, or red. You can make browns and tans with this combo. They should be pretty cheap.

Cobat blue and chrome green are also good, though more expensive, especially the blue.

Organic colors fade. You can get away with them inside, and possibly outside with good sealer.

A company that i was with sells pigment. If you can't find it locally let me know via private message.

#8066 - 10/16/04 10:59 PM Re: Colouring concrete
Frank C Offline
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Loc: Lafayette, Louisiana USA
Home Depot, Lowe's and many other lumber stores will have a small selection of liquid colorant bottles (10 oz.) for concret and mortar. Keep a record of volumes (portland, water, sand) you use as many different colors are produced in a color range depending on concentrations. You can use gray portland, or the more expensive white portland which produces rich colors when dyed. UV resistant sealers, in both water and solvent bases are available from paint stores like Sherwin Williams. Water base will not change the cured color of concrete, but solvent base ones will darken concrete.

#10642 - 01/09/07 10:58 PM Re: Colouring concrete [Re: Geoff & Lynda Lowe]
CR2 Offline

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Loc: New York
Go to and you'll find everything you need,colors, release, stains, forms, stamps....
Good Luck!

#10648 - 01/10/07 01:33 AM Re: Colouring concrete [Re: BRfromPA]
Rojellio Offline

Registered: 06/09/05
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Loc: Grand Junction Colorado
Cobat blue and chrome green are also good, though more expensive, especially the blue.

Sinopia has Stabilised Ultramarine Blue for $20 something per Kilo. You have to use White Portland though.

In fact all he good colors are in White Portland, Blue, Uranium Yellow, Jade Green, and Pink.

My favorite "paint"/ stain / dye, type stuff is Smith Paints Water based acrylics, made for doing floors, walls and concrete statuary.