I recently had a contract pour a concrete patio in my yard (20x15ft). All went well until he came back to cut the control cuts. The cuts are not straight and the blade he used created cuts 1/4 inch wide. They immediately started chipping along the cut edges. It looks terrible and I am trying to figure how to correct this the most economical and least labour intensive way. I have considered the folllwing and hope the experts out there can give me some guidance and any ideas I havenít considered already. Right now I am thinking of either:
1. Resurfacing it but I am not sure how to deal with the resurfacer spilling over the sides of the concrete and prepping the surface.
2. Fill in the cuts, grinde by hand and then stain/seal the whole patio.
3. Fill in the cuts , Grinde smooth by hand, get someone to recut the control cuts. I canít seem to find off the shelf concrete that dries white as this is now the cured colour of the patio.
4. Fill cuts, grinde with a concrete floor grinder to expose aggregate, (however the rental co. only offers 30 grit pads), and seal. Is 30 grit adequate?
5. Have someone cut the control cuts so that they are wide eniugh the I can chisel out a channel to embed mosaic tile to add a decorative effect. This would involve cutting one inch outside on each side of the original cuts to create a two inch channel. Is this even possible to do?

If it isnít already obvious I am a novice but willing to learn and put in the sweat equity. Any help is appreciated.

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