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Decorative/Architectural Concrete
Jump to new posts Re: you want to know ...??? facts??22222222 by khiber @ Yesterday at 06:02 PM

Anger, negative thinking and stress are considered destructive factors for the health of heart and body, So Islam orders us to stay away and avoid them … The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him wasn’t be angry to any life matters. His satisfacti
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Jump to new posts Diamond blades by Jconcretemasonry @ 08/15/19 04:31 PM

I have been buying over priced blades for year. I recently came across a site called cranky ape. I have been buying the same blades for about two months. Quality has been phenomenal. No more dealing with telemarketers. They general purpose and a mult
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Jump to new posts Contractor used different mix on third pour by Phaseone @ 08/14/19 06:11 PM

I have a very long driveway it required three different pours on two or three different days .the third poor was a different color than the first and second pour. we found out that the contractor excepted a different mix from the concrete company a
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Jump to new posts What different types of concrete work are there? by bonzo87 @ 08/12/19 05:11 PM

What are all the different types of jobs you could do as a concrete finisher? I know you can do things like sidewalks, floors, basements, footings and walls, but I also know there are different jobs that a homeowner might want done like decorated con